Parent Information & Policies

Term dates

Autumn Term 1

Monday 6th September 2021 (Returning children only - new starters have individual start dates) - Friday 22ndOctober 2021.

Autumn Term 2

Monday 1st November 2021 - Friday 17th December 2021.

Spring Term 1

Tuesday 4th January 2022 - Friday 18th February 2022.

Spring Term 2

Monday 28th February 2022- Friday 8th April 2022.

Summer Term 1

Monday 25th April 2022 - Friday 27th May 2022.

Summer Term 2

Monday 6th June 2022 - Thursday 14th July 2022 or Friday 15th July 2022 for school leaver's only.


Monday 6th September 2021  - Start of Autumn Term for returning children only

Monday 11th October 2021 - Friday 15th October 2021 - Bikeathon week

Saturday 27th November 2021- Christmas Fayre - times TBA

Friday 17th December 2021 - Christmas Parties for Children Only - dets to follow

Tuesday 4th January 2022 - Start of Spring Term

Saturday 2nd April 2022 - Easter Fayre - times TBA

Monday 25th April 2022 - Start of Summer Term

Thursday July 14th 2022 - Last day of Summer Term 

Friday 15th July 2022 - School Leaver's party 


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1.1 Children's rights and entitlements                                    1.2 (a) Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults 

1.2 (b) Child Protection     

1.3 Looked after children

1.4 Uncollected child                                                              1.5 Missing child                                                                  1.6 Online safety (incl mobile phones and cameras)

1.7 Door policy

1.8 Whistle Blowing Policy                                                     1.9 Tapestry on-line learning journal

1.10 Code of conduct

2.1 Employment Policy                                                          2.2 Student placements

2.3 Supervision Policy

2.4 Parent Code of Conduct

2.5 Staff Code of Conduct                                                      3.1 Induction of employees and volunteer

3.2 First Aid

3.3 Sun protection                                                                  3.4 Staff medication and sickness                                          4.1 The role of the key person and settling in

5.1 Staffing                                                                            6.1 Administering medicine                                                   6.2 Managing children with allergies

6.3 Recording and reporting of accidents                                                 



We use the online journal Tapestry to document your child's progress at Pavilion Pirates. Click the link below to access Tapestry.

Log into Tapesty: Online learning journal